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We are Girls Must Uganda!

Working to unlock girls' leadership potential

Girls Must Uganda is a registered youth-led Feminist movement of Young Women Leaders using modern storytelling techniques to bridge the confidence-gap, challenge negative cultural beliefs such as child marriage, Gender based violence, harmful sexual practices, overcome social constraints and empower African girls and young women to become great leaders and change makers in their communities.

Our resources (Podcasts, stories & videos) are here to speak to every African Young Girl out there, scared, confused but still going on, there is so much hope if you intend to be hopeful, stand up and fight for what you see fits right, do not give up at least not now when you have all the reasons to stay fighting, remember the future is female! 

Our mission & What we focus on

Our mission: To promote the rights of girls and women to education, health, a safe environment, economic participation, and leadership. We analyse gender related issues and advocate for the mobilization of leaders and institutions in support of gender equity through our core programs below.

Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

Gender-based violence threatens the social and economic well-being of women and girls around the world.

Promoting Health & HIV/AIDS Awareness

Girls face unique health challenges & unmet needs in areas such as HIV/AIDS, mental health, personal safety and SRHR.

Preparing Girls for Career Success

Girls need a path to empowerment. Girls Must provides teenage girls with guidance, training and resources.

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Join the movement dedicated to ensuring every girl reaches her full potential & be free from violence.


Use your voice to make the world a better place for girls and women in your community or school.


Talk to friends on our behalf, host a fundraiser, or come up with a creative idea of your own.

Join thousands of worldwide supporters by getting involved with our flagship grassroots projects.

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