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Channeling Inner Peace with hope of extending Intra Peace!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Naturally, women are known to be peace lovers. Strengthening women peace movements could be one of the good approaches in promoting the culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Communities. But before extending Peace to Communities, the notion of inner peace is very important, as the English proverb goes, you can’t serve from an empty cup, inner peace becomes an important driver for one to badly want Peace for others.

“How does one become a Peaceful Person?”

For starters: Direct your attention to the present moment, take time to self-reflect, Create Stillness, Understand your limited Perception, Improve your communication, Be honest, Go with the flow and lastly, live free of worry and regret.

Having in mind that not all kind of Peace is good Peace, Peace can also be viewed as Positive (A Peaceful Society at all levels) and Negative (Like an end of war/Instability/Violence). Too much Peace especially among Adolescents and Young People has been identified as a hindrance to development.

Inner Peace comes with a level of contentment which creates minimalism and simplicity in an individual. We need to learn how to practice gratuity, take control of our attitudes, stop comparing yourselves to others, and break the buying habit. Practicing Yoga, Acro-yoga, and Meditation on personal levels has also been marked as a way of creating inner peace. Smile at strangers, start a gratitude circle, bring an intention to your conversation and mediate with purpose for you to spread Peace to others.

Intra Peace, which sound similar to inner Peace is an approach always used to dissolve violence in war affected communities. Creating Peace Talks between two or a group of individuals with the aim of extending inner peace to them becomes the ultimate goal. It also makes the statement,” For one to attain inner peace, outer Peace must be achieved first.” Carry lots of sense in communities of Adolescents and Young People.

We need to create and join movements like the Peace Revolution to expand our scope on how to become Peace Builders in our Communities because like I said, our actions have an entire world population depending on us!

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A Health Advocate.

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