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Communication and Expression

by Maurine Tukahirwa

On very many occasions we take long to render our trust to someone else especially when you’ve consciously realized that self love does all the magic. Such kind of emotional intelligence is rare though, it’s only achieved after learning a few key life lessons. Some might plainly call it building walls but allow me say it’s a stage that is very important in life. However once in a while there is when you will let your guard down, it may sound like a wrong thing to do but deep down it’s eye opening, it’s lovely, and restoring. It may expose your weakest point as a human being and also if not carefully done, one may end up “losing it” that’s why people like you and me, would require a professional therapist to cut you open and sew you at their pace and style because let’s face it, it’s ok to go through such incidences once in a while. When it happens more often though, it’s draining, it shakes your confidence and makes you second guess who you are.

One of the challenges we face as Young, black swaggerific people is communication and behavioral change. Sometimes we get too emotional and end up making decisions that we might hugely regret in a minute.

The disappointments you face in life must become a chapter of lessons in your diary.

How magical would it be for one to channel all that negative energy into a big positive stepping stone towards their goals. That would show the level of intelligence a young person would reach, that would prove that there ain’t impossible any more. The earlier you realize life ain’t a game as so many of us call it but it’s rather being who you are and enjoying every bit of it regardless the challenges you might face, then the better. One word of advise is; avoid regrets! Be kind and nice to as many people as possible but without losing yourself; the real you in the process.

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