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Who/what do you choose to connect with?

by Maurine Tukahirwa

We are a generation which strongly believes that the degree of emotion display depicts the intelligence and value one attaches to love; but again, it also exposes the deepest, darkest secrets & weaknesses of humankind: Try exposing your emotions and only then will you labelled a “sucker” poor decision maker ooohh and you will love this last one, “they are cheap and too easy to love.” Question though, isn’t love supposed to be very easy and “natural” of course with all factors remaining constant. With everything else looking like a puzzle, love is supposed to be easier, smother to avoid making this life more complicated than it already is, but what do we choose?

Meet Aisha Ali, the best Mentor any Young Girl could ask for!

A modern belief that Young Women need to put their emotions aside when making decisions becomes quite debatable especially when it’s been proven to be the only way leaders especially here in Uganda get to understand their roles and positions towards serving Young People. We have tried to hide and tame our emotions and feelings so bad that it has affected our emotional intelligence. We think we are putting them aside yet they are piling on us and we hardly notice when they are overflowing.

Young people tend to want so much even when we are ready to sacrifice nothing! “Give me all of you,” they say, even when they are not not quite sure if that’s what they want. Imagine how much pain you could cause to someone once you let them in and “abandoned ship’ immediately! In this 21st Century, trust and confidence cost a fortune. It’s almost impossible, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Sometimes it becomes difficult for many of us to make such critical decisions. One thing I can say for sure, avoid counting your chickens before they are hatched. Young as we are, we need to use the time that God has loaned to us profitably because, for every second gone, we are likely to never recover it unless of course if a time machine manual is finally well scripted in languages we all understand!

Meet Mr. Fred Ssebuuma the second Mentor to Tukahirwa Maurine

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