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Confidence Reality Check!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

It’s so tricky how one equates confidence to the degree of anger a person is trying to feel and overcome. On the other hand, one will consider it as a way of pushing us beyond limits which is a good thing if you asked me. However this leaves us with a question, do we only get to be extra-ordinary through negative communication thinking, considering it a trend and leaving out all the possible consequences.

Sometimes one can derive total confidence through the inner peace created. It’s actually amazing and magical when all the confidence you’ve got is through positivity. Speaking from experience, it’s a long process and hardly achieved if there isn’t much concentration on oneself however, once it’s achieved no turning back!

Y’all will agree with us, society has honestly baked us into some hard-cored humans, and sometimes the only way to pull through is to gather all that pain and turn it into fairly dust however, it comes with a cost. A very huge price many of us ain’t ready to pay.

A time will come in life when you’ve got everyone else around you pushing you, speaking in a language that seems encoded and only you can understand. One might sometimes think everyone else is listening but my dear take it as you’re the only one receiving the message loud and clear because that’s how it is. A dream can only be yours and no one else’s.

Everyone else is purposeful around you. That should give you the satisfaction that in a situation when trust and loyalty are broken, one keeps going due to that big Dream that can’t be replicated even if they tried. Therefore, it’s very important to keep it real to prevent unreal accountability mechanisms, like they say, authenticity is an ultimate goal to success.

Like I always say, there will always be that one person who is willing to hold your shoulder when everything else seems like falling apart. You just need to be ready to accept it and appreciate it. Because not everybody gets to realize and maximize that opportunity.  

Dear readers, let us stop here as we leave you with self-reflection attitude and a spirit of creating inner peace as its one way you get to extend it to your neighbor.

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