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COVID-19: Co-existence the Key to Survival!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Sometimes, it takes a Total Country lock-down for Young People to realize how precious particular stuff has been to them. It might be a job, assets or a person in particular. One thing I’ve learnt through this total country lock-down here in Uganda a measure that has been put place in response to #COVID19 declared from 1st-14th April 2020 is; there is a lot of crazy stuff one can do for love and survival for example; putting the whole world on hold for one to catch up or sacrificing everything they’ve got to make everything better, Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to, how crazy! Its however upon us to realize how much effort everyone is putting in to make a difference in this world that we must become resilient and selfless in our actions.

This is a crisis in which we are all meant to be in panic mode, sad, scared as it seems to be the Apocalypse, however it’s amazing how some of us are looking at it as a period for Redemption, a period to self-reflect and stay on top of the situations. Not a lot of positivity is out there right now but the few are reaching and touching people’s souls. Majority of us are praying to God with promises on how to do everything differently when this is all over, it’s like a time for re-birth at least for the believers.

#COVID19 should be an eye opener to y’all that regardless of status, class, we need to learn how to co-exist.

It ain’t easy to find yourself living at the Center of a Pandemic, it’s tricky to tell whether you’ve been exposed or not. Everyone for sure becomes worried about everything else. Times like this should be an epic reminder of living in every moment because it’s funny how in just a blink of an eye, everything just comes to a standstill. It’s like it’s never been there. What is left for us is to be kind, loving, caring and sharing even though unwilling to each other.

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