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Culture and Sexuality: The New Wave!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

In most traditional Cultures in Uganda, a girl isn’t allowed to sit on a drum as it renders bareness hence failure in marriage. It turns out its true if you believe it. However when I deeply dived into this particular cultural norm, it speaks to the inability of women to sit on thrones or become ideal leaders. Deep down it tells us how our culture is so much against women emancipation, I mean practically sitting on a Drum doesn’t cause no harm.

Anyhow back to the point, Sexuality has been highly driven by Culture. Too little dos and so many don’ts for Adolescent Girls and Young Women. We are not allowed to express ourselves we’ve been put in a situation where we are unable to be who we are. Society has defined us in a specific way. We have come to believe culture can’t be integrated and thus this has left majority of us behind in many occasions.

Culture is dynamic, at least according to the scholars in Gender Studies. This directly translates to its possible shift however gradual the process might be. Occasionally, opportunities arise when culture even in its rigidity and power overtake mode; is neutralized, a period when even the renown cultural leaders have to turn to Generation X for new ideas on how to make this world a better place. One thing is we don’t have to be ashamed or in denial but rather embrace the new waves according to philosophies written and talked about. We get to know stuff is real when nature starts retaliating to our actions. That’s when even the cultural leaders render a listening ear to the less privileged and underdogs.

As believers, not only in the bible but also in our day to day actions, our focus needs to be in what makes everyone better. Especially for Adolescent Girls and Young Women, we’ve sat on our potentials for a Long time and the time is now for us to reckon. Remember, you might not get it the first time, but with consistency, everything becomes better each trial.

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