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From the Earth to the Moon!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

When was the last time you saw a Glowing Moth or a shooting Star (Ekirebwomwe)? Such signs traditionally depict how much luck (Tukahirwa) you’ve got on your side, trust me. Sometimes you don’t need to know it all but if anyone asked you what the best thing has been in our life, it should be easy to answer.

Life sometimes looks like one of the episodes in your best series (24) or a Nigerian movie just like the good old days. We can’t deny such circumstances have defined our lives in quite a number of ways. Pity falls on those who feel somethings are impossible in life. I mean if you said that in the 1900s, everyone would agree with you but in this life which seems like a well written novel or script, mention; Far From the Madding Crowd, School for Scandal, Heart of The Matter, Devil On the Cross or even Lord Of The Flies that were written in the Previous Centuries, we tend to think everything is possible.

Come to think of it, we are all capable of scripting our own lives, with the Universe on our side, we all know that staying with positive vibes/ thoughts is the ultimate answer. We are in a period where everyone’s survival instincts have kicked in and it’s hard to differentiate between good and bad. It’s been hard enough for us to keep it together, especially for teenage mothers living in the epicenter who are going out of their way to ensure they put food at the table, not forgetting Young People at the Front-lines; the Health Workers.

This is a period where Culture, Tradition and Religion are neutralized and therefore this might be the only chance for us to create a clear direction hoping by the end of this wave, it’s going to be better than it was before. That is why all our actions as Adolescent Girls and Young Women have so much for the next wave to depend on. Now is the time for us to Learn, Unlearn and Re-Learn new stuff to make this world a better place for everyone.

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