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Gender Based Violence: Victims of Mind Set!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Care to notice that Gender Based Violence among other forms of violence is on a rise? We might want to think that we advocates are not doing enough but that’s not just it, this is beyond being a voice for others, Redemption starts with us before we pass it on. Everyone wants to play the victim card, quick question though, who then is the perpetrator? Might we be burning our calories in the wrong gyms or what? Due to the gender definitions society has thrown at us, we have ignored the actual victims and forgotten what they are capable of causing to society. One thing is for sure, each victim wants to create another, it’s a long vicious chain that needs to be handled carefully. I agree with Queen B as she made a whole music album Lemonade but if you listen to her carefully and attentively, we’ve got to use that lemonade(not quite sure of the dosage though) to heal ourselves first rather than trying to  poison ourselves y’all. I will rephrase this,

“The most dangerous victim is one who tries to create another.”

We can sugar coat it for all I care and call it teaching life lessons, but must we put each and every one else in that similar situation for them to learn, must we really? There are many better forms of communication, we can do better, we can do things differently. I know sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to but that doesn’t stop us from moving which is a better idea compared to beating ourselves up for it. I will leave you with a food for thought; “How often do we apologize?”

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