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Manifestation: Creating our own reality

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Many of us have taken manifestation and given it a commercial view, let’s say_what type of car we need to drive or how much money would I make and this has made us forget the main value, which is re-claiming our power and healing ourselves. There is no time in life we a’int manifesting, we are creator beings and we are always projecting our frequencies out into the world.  However, when we were younger, we get programmed. We didn’t get where we are by accident. We may think we did and always feel like victims of circumstances simply because we don’t realize we are unconscious of our power and ability to manifest.

The Process

Its proven scientifically that when we are born, our minds are in a very sub-conscious state. This directly translates to the baby’s ability to admit very low frequencies; the same frequencies admitted during the state of hypnosis or what majority of us refer to the super-learning state. This shouldn’t in any way be looked at as a bad thing because, in order to ensure survival, a baby has to pick up an extreme amount of information in a very short period of time. When we get to the adult stage, we tend to do this by consciously learning. This couldn’t have been possible during childhood without evolution. The fact that our minds as babies had no filters and could absorb the world around us, this sounded as a good thing, it however had implications; not only were we picking up information about our model skills and how to communicate, we were also absorbing ideas, thoughts and beliefs based on our environment, we also turned those thoughts and beliefs into programs that would help us run the rest of our lives even without realization.

Our conscious minds are like photo-grammed. Whatever is planted in, it will create life out of that, it doesn’t know any better. That is why what we experience and witness as children determines so much how we turn out especially if we’ve experienced trauma or have been constantly said “NO” to during growth. Our sub-conscious mind only knows to how to internalize rather than create new thoughts.

“And so, it is” has become a new common phrase in our scripts of life. Many of us can relate to this as we keep running the same programs as we were 7 years old. We basically still have the same beliefs.

Sadly, whatever is planted in our sub-conscious will always go out of its way to re-in force that reality. It will position us to get to get what we expect but at sub-conscious level. Our thoughts at this moment don’t matter however, the way we feel deep down is what matters.

The world around us has for a long time driven the way we feel and how far we can take it in. Its beautiful that we are all awakening to realization that it doesn’t have to be this way and we are taking our power back through developing our minds; in this context it means taking our power back from television, our histories/her-stories. Whatever we’ve witnessed during growth especially from our families, our parents project what was instilled in them as well. We are basically playing out old traumas in our lineages. We need to be cycle breakers and protect our children. This can be done through breaking down all limitations and giving ourselves space to process our pain and trauma and then releasing them out into the world. That way, we are updating our systems so that they don’t limit us to extend and express our infinity through our physical bodies.

Dear Readers, I will end here by extending the need for us to envision a better reality, how it should look like but most importantly how we want it to feel like. Manifestation occurs on a sub-conscious level and the language of the sub-conscious is emotion. Emotion is frequency, energy in motion and manifestation at this point is aligning your frequency with the frequency you desire. Let us allow the universe and divine forces the ability to create!

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