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Tales of Young Women battling drug addiction in Uganda!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

“The world becomes slower, colder and darker than usual for me, even when it seems at a normal pace to the rest of them.” She says. All foods taste funnier provided not many choices are availed to me. Funny though how that seems normal to me in that moment, I’m in my own world and no one else is in it.

It feels like a perfect escape from the darkest days I’ve lived to see in my teenage life, the daily nightmares are no more, for once in my life it’s so calm and peaceful but only for a few hours before I get back to the chaos created by the world.

The heavy burden of secrets compresses my mind and body, levels of alcohol consumption are crazy, everyone seems to have turned their back on me, it’s so lonely but I kinda like it there, because it’s then that everything that seemed hazy now becomes clearer to me. It’s a world where you get to interact with your Self-conscious to satisfy your soul, yap it’s that deep.   

I will not deny; stress, anxiety and depression will consume you slowly by slowly until you suck it up and seek for help. Among millions, there is always one person ready to listen and help you. What you need to do is embrace and accept that you’re different and find that strength from the darkness all harboring inside you.

Being different doesn’t make one weak or unworthy, it rather makes them unique and strong!

Trouble falls when your financial status goes below a dollar, everything changes, all the fake friends manifest, ready to exploit you to the brim. That is the period when you think about quitting and giving life a break, at that moment an overdose seems like the best idea. Ooh wait, I’m unable to afford that kind of substance so the only option the universe is offering me is renewal of the soul and hope this dream has come to an end however recurring it seems.

Poor son of man is always there in both good and bad situations; scratch that judgement is always the verdict. All those memorable moments vanish in a heartbeat, and no one tries hard enough to find the root cause of addiction. Either we are too blind to see what’s right in front of us or our values and traditions are taking a toll on us. For how long do we have to go on with the pretence, is it worth it?

Compiled by A Health Advocate

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