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The 2020 Cold Summer here in Uganda!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

It’s been like forever since we enjoyed summer here in Uganda. Miss those days when every weekend seemed like Coachella all over again but this time on the lakeside? Well, you are not alone. Uganda being well versed with enough water bodies, it was very easy to create public lake side gatherings where Adolescent Girls and Young Women get a chance to feel the hot sun and they get to exercise their body rights. Alas that might not happen anymore at least not for the next months ahead; not until the COVID19 pandemic is curbed.

Yap, it’s just been a few days since the Country was put on a total lock-down, no movements except for Cargo Transportation, all schools have been shut down until further notice, all borders were locked down once the state got to learn about the effects of the Pandemic Globally. Everyone had to stay indoors in hope of flattening the curve of its spread. Indoor games like ludo, snakes and ladders, cards and online games is what has been recommended for Adolescents and Young People.

One thing is for sure, whoever took such moments lightly, is among those wishing this crisis should end soon and that must be every Young Person. Just like those old moments of bed time stories which looked memorable during childhood, this crisis has created a big demand for closure among-st each other. With enough evidence from our social media updates, it clearly shows how there’s been so much interruption in our daily routines. However, it shouldn’t be a setback in our life. There is so much new adaptation we can get used to. Read a book, write down something, start simple body workouts, learn how to cook something new, you might not get it the first time but start from somewhere.

We refuse to be driven by circumstances, I agree for one to move with the flow however let you be able to make the right choices on which direction you choose to take. We choose to remain hopeful and optimistic that there are many hot summers yet to come and we shall fully utilize each moment.

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