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The Law of Attraction! SSShhh do tell…

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Before everything else was in existence, there existed energy. At least that’s what quantum physicists say. It is believed that everything in the universe is energy itself starting from the smallest particles in our bodies. Our surroundings, whether in solid or liquid form, when seen by our naked eyes become hard to interprete but under clear scrutiny, you get to see everything is just a mass of energy vibrating. What we perceive as solid or what we term as impossible in real life, it’s always due to the collection of a mass of energy in a very high speed vibration.

However, our body parts interprete energy differently, a reason why we have different senses and also why we perceive everything the way we do. It is believed though that our senses tell us only half the truth. The most proper form of energy is thought. Every time we imagine how our thoughts look like then we are producing a kind of frequency on a consistent basis. Our job is to hold on to the clear thoughts of what we want.  We dictate what we see, no one can think about something they did not want to think. We are highly driven by the law of attraction, a secret to growth many of us tend to keep to ourselves.

Our believe system is based upon our evaluation of something. Bob Proctor.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, and on the level of thought, we become what we think about most but also attract what we think about most. I know most of us will say how do you attract bad luck, debts, poverty… well the law of attraction doesn’t care whether good or bad, it’s the universe simply responding to the vibrations coming from your thoughts.  Whether you’re remembering, observing or imagining, that whole process is activating a thought frequency in which the universe must respond to. That gets me thinking, must we start monitoring our thoughts? Well that could be a topic for another day.

Strengthening your emotion systems and creating positive vibes/thoughts can make it easy for the universe to align well with your plans. We can tell by the way we feel if the things we are working towards will please us. We offer thoughts daily that are shaping our future experiences.

Whatever we are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming.” Esther Hicks: The Teachings of Abraham

What we think, what we feel and what manifest is always a match, we can begin to feel healthy, prosperous even if it’s not there and the universe will always correspond to the nature of your song and manifest because that’s how we feel. It’s also been proven scientifically that an affirmative thought is 100% more powerful than a negative thought and this kinda eliminates the degree of worry. We need to re-evaluate the laws that drive our being. We have the freedom to think anything we want and that guides us into becoming anything we want. We are the architects of our lives and therefore how we choose to shape it is all upon us. Many times as young people a lot of information is hidden not far from us but just the fact that we don’t look harder.

Compiled By : A Health Advocate

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