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The Sexuality Complex

by Maurine Tukahirwa

Well, y’all agree with me that most cultures share the same values and traits about Sexuality after all. Also, Sex remains Sex no matter where you go. In the end, God created us as Sexual beings and we should be proud but not putting shame and silence to it. We might be determined to fight patriarchy all we want but if we don’t start with controlling our Sexual Urges then that might take a while. Tackling the stories of Ancient Greece and Egyptian gods, you get to understand deeply the power and strength we have as Sexual Beings. Sex is a topic we hardly talk about yet the most common practice among Young People. Truth is

Time will come when you have to face that “Monster”, that abomination your Parents and Grandparents had always told you about.

However, it becomes quite complicated and un-pleasurable to engage into something your not quite familiar with. Let’s look at sex as a process that keeps evolving day by day. Traits like Self Care, motherhood,  Sexual Pleasure happen but not in a blink of an eye. With Culture being fluid, such traits keep evolving from generation to generation. For instance, we all agree every young person whether male or female out there loves a mirror. I think it’s one thing majority of them won’t move out of the house without visiting yet if you asked our Grandparents better yet our parents, they would tell you otherwise.

Most African Countries are circular nations though Homophobic with very many Religious Sects. Modern religion is the new form of creativity and innovation here in Africa. However, we shouldn’t be quick to judge each other. We should instead focus on our personal happiness viza vie what everyone else thinks after all we’ve always had our own indigenous beliefs and cultures that set the traditional trends like polygamy and Homosexuality etc…I know it’s hard to believe, but such trends have come all way and have been adopted so fast by the new generation.

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