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Winter is Here!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

“By Winter Fall, all this would be over and we should have gotten back to normal!” They said. Majority of us might even have staked our relationships on this, I bet. However, it doesn’t seem quite like it, at least not yet. COVID19 aside, winter comes with an extra-feel especially on the Human Body. It brings a number of reservations on cultural traits. Somehow it strikes a balance on the unending debates on Culture and its impacts especially on Adolescents and Young People.

As if the Public Health guidelines ain’t enough, many young jobless people won’t be able to move out of their homes at least not without overthinking on the effects of weather especially with movement. At this moment, mother nature is taking her course abit early but we can take it.

They say it gets better, but in this case I will say for the worst. Remember these are natural causes, that’s if we are to rate scientists in the category of gods. The over flooding that often happens in the Kampala slum areas actually makes natives think it’s a natural cause, but come-on we can do better people. Policy makers, implementers sure there is something got to be done to redirect some water pipe systems or maybe find a better use and recycling process for all the used plastics that somehow end up in one place. Bill did it, yes he found a way how human waste and sewerage could be recycled. We might have watched such a process happen once and can’t be sure how many areas have been covered but one thing we should know is it works ooh and its not necessarily the only intervention we all got. I’m very conversant that many mind blowing ideas are within us ready to manifest when the time is right.

This season reminded us of those market days when all you could do is shop for the winter season. The fact that some regions in Uganda are ever in a winter mode and therefore those days meant each and every day of life. Having to cover your body in value of the warmth it produced as our comfort-ability depended on it.  Well after a period of 8 years, one could imagine this to have changed but I assure you, not even COVID-19 could shake Mother Nature that much.

Need I remind us that this is also a period that marks the final stages of harvesting? Yes, it is!  It takes faith as we count on God to know what to bless us with in the right time. Let’s always appreciate his unending signs and tips rendered to strengthen our faith. May we be able to reap what we’ve sown in Peace & harmony. We must adapt to the “new normal” because this looks like it’s here for some time. Our lives mustn’t pause for us to wait on when “Normal would sound Normal” again.

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