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COVID-19 an attempt to restore nature & humanity!

by Maurine Tukahirwa

“We can’t wait to get back to normal” a common statement from Young People during this crisis of COVID-19. Question however becomes, what kind of “normal” are we referring to, the kind of life where human virtues costed a fortune? With the continued warnings from the World Health Organization on the second and third waves of COVID-19 we need to be so keen on what kind of lives we want to go back to because we’ve now realized that we’ve got the power and ability to define it.

Climate Change and Environmental Conservation.

Y’all can agree with me the universe has kinda slowed down compared to the speed rate it’s been rotating on pre-COVID19. This may have resulted into the shutdown of the global economy and name it but let’s appreciate the fact that it’s also the same period Health System strengthening and Climate Change actions have been actualized. It’s been realized that air and water pollution have been mitigated through restricted movements and industrialization processes respectively. Air space has never been clearer than before in the 75-year history of the United Nations. Nature can be clearly observed from a distance, a case in point are the peaks of Mt. Kenya the second-highest mountain in Africa, with an altitude of 17,057 feet, is now visible from Kenya’s capital city, about 85 miles away and this brought native to appreciate the positive reaction mother nature is depicting towards COVID-19 Responses.

A photo taken last month by a Nairobi resident shows One Africa Place, a bullet-shaped glass high-rise in Nairobi, framed by the jagged, snowcapped peaks of Mount Kenya, which many residents said they have never seen from the capital city.


The normal we are dying to get back to dear readers was a life full of self-centeredness, conceitedness, unhealthy competition and exploitation. Majority people surrounding us are so determined to win at whatever cost. Forget industrial and transport sector pollution, majority of us have continuously been suffocated by either working environments or unhealthy relationships that we barely notice it anymore. I would want to think these months of social distancing have created enough time to self-reflect and learn best human behavior as guided by the WHO and few exceptional Young People, true leaders of our generation. Having come to terms with reality, we’ve observed acts of good will and kindness from not only governments but also individuals that have been done with etiquacy and humility all over the world. I’m not going to lie opportunists, victims of capitalism still live within us however the global crisis has shined light on the little shred of humanity among us. Street Children have been taken off streets, sanitary products have been provided to Girls and Young Women who are living hand to mouth let’s not forget the much love that has been shown to People with disabilities. All this depicts that human kind still got a chance for survival after all. It also show the strength in unity and inclusion.

Compiled by a Health Advocate

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