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What Girls Must…

by Maurine Tukahirwa

We are living in an era where girls must get out of their comfort zones and claim for their spaces. Turns out nothing is going to be given to you on a silver platter and yet somehow we all want to be successful and recognized for the great work done.

As African Young Girls; with so much exposure we’ve failed to control nor run from, the solution now becomes teaming up to make this work not only for us but also for the next generation. I know its scary but together we got this!

Maurine Tukahirwa, the Founder and Author https://girlsmust.org/what-girls-must/

​There comes a point in life when you must be the broken one in order to save the rest.Twisted as how that sounds, everybody today wants to act strong, perfect, happy and whatever good character they think there is. We choose to live in denial because let’s face it, unless we live in a vacuum, only that can define this big fancy world young people have created in their minds and thus dream of having. Question is, how much can we endure though? Well for starters, there can be a whole lot of reasons why you would want to sacrifice yourself, it could be in the name of love, “so obvious” of course or sometimes it could be in the name of paying a deep debt or maybe an act selflessness but who cares?? All in all is that, there is a part of you you’re letting go and honestly most of the time, it ain’t worth it. We need to learn how to own and be responsible for our actions. One thing I’ve learnt for sure is, people hardly, I repeat, people hardly change at-least not in this faithless based generation. Our hopes have been equated to defined sums of money, better yet our hopes have been equated to hitting rock bottom and bouncing back; but what if you never hit that rock bottom or actually what if you couldn’t bounce back? Would you be able to swim with the rest or you would turn into your own enemy? At the end of it all, putting ourselves first becomes the best quality Morphine to the pain and cruelty this society serves us! 

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